Developer looks to break ground on $850M Las Vegas hotel

The developer of an off-Strip hotel has pushed back the planned groundbreaking date but still aims to finish the towering project three years from now.

Majestic Las Vegas developer Lorenzo Doumani told the Review-Journal on Wednesday that he plans to start construction on the 720-room hotel in the first quarter of 2022, after saying in January that he expected to break ground in late summer or early fall this year.

However, Doumani said he is “still on track” to complete Majestic in late 2024.

He indicated he hasn’t started buying construction materials for Majestic and said he needs to excavate the property, on Convention Center Drive near the north Strip, and do other site work for nine months before the hotel tower starts taking shape.

But, in talking about the new groundbreaking date, he cited supply-chain woes that have affected multiple industries, from construction to auto sales.

“It’s just sheer insanity,” he said. “You can’t get anything.”

His roughly $850 million project would not have a casino and is aimed at business travelers. Majestic is across from the Las Vegas Convention Center’s newly built section and is slated to feature 35 corporate suites, offered for sale from $10 million to $100 million.

The suites would range from 5,000 to 25,000 square feet and occupy the tower’s top 10 floors, Doumani said, adding sales will start at the end of this month.

Las Vegas has seen gains in tourist traffic after the coronavirus outbreak sparked a plunge in visitors last year. But its normally lucrative convention industry only started to emerge in recent months from its pandemic-induced coma.

The first major trade show in the U.S. since the pandemic hit, World of Concrete, was held in June at the Las Vegas Convention Center’s new West Hall.

Doumani said the convention industry is “slow but picking up.” It’s nowhere close to pre-pandemic levels, though large gatherings are also booked long in advance, he said.

His project site is the former home of the Clarion hotel, which Doumani purchased in 2014 and imploded the next year.

Doumani obtained Clark County approval of his hotel development in 2019 and had hoped to break ground on Majestic last year, but the pandemic delayed his plans, he previously said.

New Non-Smoking, Non-Gambling Hotel Comes to Las Vegas

While many people visit Las Vegas to gamble, some go to watch the shows or explore the Strip and surrounding attractions. Almost all of the hotels in Vegas feature an expansive casino with plenty of tables, slot machines and other games. Along with gambling, most of the casinos also allow players to smoke in the casinos. A new Las Vegas resort is about to change the scene.

Majestic Las Vegas will be the first non-smoking, non-gambling hotel in Las Vegas and is set to open in 2024. Located on approximately six acres, across from Las Vegas Convention Center, two blocks away from the Strip, the project is set to start construction this summer.

This ultra-luxury resort will feature 720 suites, six extraordinary restaurants, spa and fitness center, and 270,000 square feet of Corporate Sky Suites. The hotel will also have a plaza that features beautiful dancing waters, live entertainment and much more.

The resort pool is the place to be, with 50 luxurious cabanas overlooking the Strip, live entertainment, Turkish coffee, international newspapers and more. The experience at the Majestic pool will be unlike any other.

The new project is taking a major step in Vegas resorts redefining brands and offering different options for travelers with different interests.

Non-gambling resort to bring a different customer to Vegas

Despite its reputation as Sin City, Las Vegas is keen to offer a different kind of accommodation and tourism experience.

Las Vegas has always been famous for its gambling venues, but the pandemic is beginning to encourage a diversification in the city.

A new non-smoking, non-gambling, wellness-focused luxury hotel named Majestic Las Vegas aims to attract a different kind of customer, developers have said.

Tbe venue, scheduled to open in 2024, will be located two blocks from the Strip across from the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The five-star resort will have 720 suites, a landscaped pool with 50 cabanas overlooking the Strip; a state-of-the-art fitness centre and a spa.

It will also feature six freestanding restaurants around a European-style piazza where there will be dancing fountains and live entertainment.

The Majestic Las Vegas said it would offer: “No casino. No smoke. No noise. No hassle. Only white gloved service & timeless contemporary elegance befitting the discerning traveler who wants and expects the very best.”

Developer Lorenzo Doumani said: “It is time for Las Vegas to provide a luxury option for those who visit our city who want something that is non-gaming.”

New Las Vegas resort won’t have gambling, smoking

Want to go to Las Vegas and skip the walk through a smoked filled gambling room? You can thanks to a new resort opening sometime in 2023/2024.

Majestic Las Vegas will be a non-gambling, non-smoking resort. They will be located about two blocks away from the strip next to the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“It is time for Las Vegas to provide a luxury option for those who visit our city who want something that is non-gaming” – developer Lorenzo Doumani.

The five-star hotel will tout 720 suites, six restaurants around a courtyard, and live entertainment. The complex will also feature corotate ‘Sky Suites’ from floors 51 to 60 for companies who want to set up shop. Those suites state at $10 million. 

A no-smoking, no-gambling resort is coming to Las Vegas

TAKING THE SMOKING and gambling out of Las Vegas is like taking the lobster and leaf-peeping out of Maine. You might think that a non-smoking, non-gambling hotel would be a rather unattractive destination for Vegas visitors, but this new luxury resort hopes to attract a different kind of tourist. Majestic Las Vegas, set to open in 2024, will be located two blocks from the Strip across from the Las Vegas Convention Center, and is designed as a luxurious and wellness-focused destination.

The five-star resort and 720 suites will abound with amenities such as a landscaped pool with 50 cabanas overlooking the Strip; a state-of-the-art fitness center; and a world-class spa that tests the limits of luxury. It will also feature six freestanding restaurants around a European-style piazza where there will be dancing fountains and live entertainment.

The Majestic Las Vegas is moving away from what travelers have learned to associate with Sin City. On its website, it explains, “No casino. No smoke. No noise. No hassle. Only white gloved service & timeless contemporary elegance befitting the discerning traveler who wants and expects the very best.”

Lorenzo Doumani, the hotel’s developer, told Hotel Online, “It is time for Las Vegas to provide a luxury option for those who visit our city who want something that is non-gaming. Whether you want to relax in the lap of luxury, host a meeting or event in your own corporate space, facilitate an executive retreat, or launch a new product, Majestic Las Vegas offers the ideal marriage of sophistication, luxury, and strategic location.”

Construction will begin in the summer of 2021, with a groundbreaking ceremony scheduled for July 4. 

A new £614 million hotel is opening in Las Vegas

Un nuovo hotel da 614 milioni di sterline sta aprendo a Las Vegas, ma invece di casinò e discoteche, gli ospiti potranno godersi il relax in un centro spa e un’esperienza tra fitness e benessere. Questo perché il Majestic Las Vegas sarà un hotel dove non si gioca, per non fumatori, con sei ristoranti, una “medical spa” e un centro fitness e benessere.

Gli ospiti potranno ricevere piani nutrizionali e fitness personalizzati creati da nutrizionisti e istruttori, oltre ad avere accesso a lezioni di yoga, spinning e allenamento e godersi i servizi di un’enorme spa.

Il resort a cinque stelle avrà 720 suite, nonché un grande complesso di piscine.

L’hotel promette di offrire un’esperienza lontana dal caos anche se si trova a due isolati da The Strip.

Sin City non abbia strutture di gioco come un casinò. La costruzione del nuovo resort inizierà entro la fine dell’anno e si prevede che il Majestic aprirà le sue porte agli ospiti nel 2024. 

Las Vegas to get £614million no-gambling hotel with gym and spa replacing casino

A new £614million hotel is opening in Las Vegas but instead of casinos and nightclubs, guests can expect a spa, fitness and wellness centre.

That’s because the Majestic Las Vegas will be a non-gaming, non-smoking hotel with six restaurants, a ‘medical spa’, and a fitness and wellness centre.

Guests will be able to receive personalised nutrition and fitness plans created by the nutritionists and trainers, as well as having access to classes including yoga, spinning and interval training. Oh, and of course there will be plenty of spa treatments on offer too at the impressive 70,000 sq ft spa.

The resort will also feature a five-star hotel with 720 luxurious suites, as well as a large pool complex with 50 cabanas offering views of the Las Vegas Strip.

The Former Clarion Hotel Is to Become Majestic Las Vegas

Majestic Las Vegas Is Primarily Intended for Business Travelers

Lorenzo Doumani is the developer behind this project which will cost $850M. The site belonged to the former Clarion Hotel and Casino. The place has changed its name many times over the past 50 years. Doumani’s project is set to begin this fall and to be finished in 2024.

The future hotel includes 35 corporate suites but no casino. Its main target will be business clients. And there will be suites for sale from $10 million to $100 million on the top 10 floors. Majestic will be right across the street from the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Hopefully by the time Majestic opens, the world will be back to its normal rhythm. In his statement on Wednesday, Doumani said that by 2024 things should be back to normal, and if they are not the world will have a huge problem. He also said that he obtained his approval for the hotel plans in 2019 and wanted to start developments last year but the pandemic prevented him from doing so and delayed the project by 15 to 18 months.

The Las Vegas tourism industry has seen better days, to say the least. The pandemic had a serious impact on Las Vegas. There is no accurate prediction on when the tourism industry will be back to normal and people would be able to travel for business or leisure with fewer restrictions. Doumani is a realist and doesn’t expect people to rush back and travel like before right away. He said: “I hope I’m wrong, and I wish I could be a little more optimistic.”

Majestic Las Vegas Will Be Built on a Site with Long, Interesting History

The first hotel built on the site was the Royal Inn in 1970 with 200 rooms for the cost of $3 million. It was bought in 1980 and transformed into New York Theme hotel with additional 100 rooms and re-branded as the Royal Americana Hotel. In 1982, due to financial losses, it was sold to an investment group for $15.4 million. It opened again as Paddlewheel Hotel and Casino in 1983 and made changes to shift its clientele a few times for the next decade until it was up for sale again in 1990.

Interestingly enough in 1992, it was bought by Debbie Reynolds and her husband Richard Hamlett at an auction for $2.2 million in 2000. However, due to financial difficulty, the family had to sell the property tothe highest bidder which happened to be the World Wrestling Federation who planned on building a hotel and casino with a wrestling theme. The hotel opened for a short period of time but the owners didn’t think it is big enough and in 2001 it was sold to become the Greek Isles Hotel and Casino, which had a Greek theme interior and became a home for the Delta Air Lines crew during their layovers.

In 2007 it was bought for a project by a real-estate group who wanted to build a hotel with 780 rooms but the project went bankrupt and in 2009 it became the property of Canpartners Reality who rebuilt it as Clarion Hotel and Casino which in 2014 was bought by Lorenzo Doumani. In 2024 it is to become Majestic Las Vegas.


The Majestic Las Vegas: No Gambling! No Smoking!

Who want’s a new Las Vegas resort with no gambling? The Majestic Las Vegas is set to launch in 2024, and apparently they believe this will be a good idea… as long as there’s no smoking allowed at the resort, either!

The new hotel aims to carve out a niche for itself in Vegas by becoming a non-gambling, non-smoking luxury resort. It will be located two blocks off the Strip across from the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Groundbreaking for the Majestic Las Vegas is set to begin in July. The $850 million resort is set to be a five-star hotel with over 700 suites and 6 restaurants located in a European style courtyard with fountains and live entertainment.

There will be an outdoor pool which overlooks the Strip, a 70,000 square-foot wellness spa, and a 270,000 square foot corporate Sky Suites section located between the 51st to 60th floors.

Learn more about this new hotel resort and what it will offer when you visit Travel and Leisure.

Las Vegas to have a non-gambling resort for the first time ever

For the first time ever, Las Vegas in the USA will have a non-gambling and non-smoking resort. Due to open in the year 2024, this resort will cover an area of six acres two blocks from the Strip.

For visitors who are looking for a luxury stay minus the non-gaming feature, casino music of slot machines and other related paraphernalia, this resort will be a viable option. It will have all the qualities of other Vegas hotels and resorts such as luxury dining, wellness etc.

To be built by Majestic Las Vegas at an estimated cost of $850 million, the non-gambling resort will have a five-star hotel with 720 suites. It would also include standalone restaurants in a European-like piazza enclosing a courtyard with live entertainment and dancing fountains. The outdoor pool overseeing the Strip will feature 50 cabanas, live entertainment and Turkish coffee. On the other hand, the 70000-square-foot medical wellness spa spread across four floors will feature spa treatments, personalized nutritional menus and much more. From the 51st to 60th floors, the resort will have 270000 square ft of corporate Sky Suites, available for purchase.

The 620-foot-tall resort has been designed by architect Paul Steelman. Its construction will start in July 2021.

Las Vegas is billed as the Entertainment Capital of the World, and it is one of the global leaders in the hospitality industry. It is also globally known as the resort city.