For the first time ever, Las Vegas in the USA will have a non-gambling and non-smoking resort. Due to open in the year 2024, this resort will cover an area of six acres two blocks from the Strip.

For visitors who are looking for a luxury stay minus the non-gaming feature, casino music of slot machines and other related paraphernalia, this resort will be a viable option. It will have all the qualities of other Vegas hotels and resorts such as luxury dining, wellness etc.

To be built by Majestic Las Vegas at an estimated cost of $850 million, the non-gambling resort will have a five-star hotel with 720 suites. It would also include standalone restaurants in a European-like piazza enclosing a courtyard with live entertainment and dancing fountains. The outdoor pool overseeing the Strip will feature 50 cabanas, live entertainment and Turkish coffee. On the other hand, the 70000-square-foot medical wellness spa spread across four floors will feature spa treatments, personalized nutritional menus and much more. From the 51st to 60th floors, the resort will have 270000 square ft of corporate Sky Suites, available for purchase.

The 620-foot-tall resort has been designed by architect Paul Steelman. Its construction will start in July 2021.

Las Vegas is billed as the Entertainment Capital of the World, and it is one of the global leaders in the hospitality industry. It is also globally known as the resort city.

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