By Brittany De Lea

Las Vegas is set to get a new hotel where visitors will not be hitting the slot machines.

The Majestic, an $850 million-dollar project, will be a “non-gaming,” non-smoking ultra-luxury five-star hotel – focusing instead on “the best in health and wellness.”

What exactly does that entail? A four-level, 70,000 square foot fitness, nutrition and “med spa” facility that will offer body treatments and fitness classes – in addition to personal nutritionists and physicals.

“There’s a lot of very healthy people in Vegas,” developer Lorenzo Doumani told FOX Business. “It’s not just the casinos and the smoke and all of that.”

Doumani said with an increasing focus on health and wellness across the country, he is looking to provide a one-stop shop for people to get their health examined – and to receive personalized programs to prevent potential future health complications.

While there is no target demographic, Doumani hinted there would be a specific focus on Fortune 500 companies who might be holding conventions in the area. These people, typically, also have health insurance plans that would cover the medical services that will be offered at the Majestic.

Coincidentally, the hotel will be located right near the city’s new convention center – which is currently under construction.

Construction on the Majestic is scheduled to begin in May, with completion estimated for 2023.

The move runs counter to trends across the country – as more states legalize sports betting. However, that is another reason Doumani, who grew up in Vegas, thinks it is a perfect time to launch his non-gaming hotel in Sin City.

“There’s gambling everywhere now,” he said, adding that people don’t go to Las Vegas to gamble anymore.

Doumani does not think he will miss out on revenues by not offering gaming options.

Casinos in Nevada reported $11.9 billion in revenues last year – the third-largest total in the state’s history, according to the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

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