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Located on over six acres directly across from the all new Las Vegas Convention Center, and just two blocks from the famed Las Vegas Strip, the Majestic Plaza, featuring 7 world-class restaurants & live entertainment, commences construction in Spring 2024 with its Grand Opening Fall 2025.

Featuring an unparalleled location across the street from the all new Las Vegas Convention Center, the crown jewel of the Majestic Las Vegas are the Corporate Sky Suites. Situated on levels 51 to 60 of the 620 foot tall Majestic- the Sky Suites are the perfect corporate home for your tech, entertainment, or sports company.

The Sky Suites will be offered in ¼ floor, ½ floor, or entire floor options- with up to 25,000 s.f of fully customizable space, all with 16 ft high ceilings– and spectacular panoramic views of the Las Vegas Skyline.

In addition to preferred access to all the amenities Majestic has to offer, Sky Suite owners will have at their disposal their own private concierge, an exclusive owner’s club, and perhaps best of all- a permanent presence with marquee signage in the entertainment capital of the world. Whether hosting conventions in your own corporate space, having an executive retreat, launching a new product or anything else your company may desire – why not do it in a sophisticated & glamorous style that tells the world your company is on top. Literally.


The first of its kind non-gamingnon-smokingultra luxury resort, developed by Lorenzo Doumani’s Majestic Resorts and designed by renowned architect Paul Steelman, will feature a branded 720 suite five star hotel, six extraordinary freestanding restaurants, 270,000 square feet of Corporate Sky Suites, and an all encompassing medical wellness spa and fitness facility that will be amongst the finest of its kind anywhere in the world. The $850 million, 620’ tall contemporary architectural masterpiece is scheduled to commence construction in 2024 and be completed 2027. The adjacent Majestic Plaza, featuring 7 world-class restaurants & live entertainment, opens in 2025.